Friday, May 04, 2007

Beach Bum's Barbie Tips

"I love the grill, I excite at the thrill. Using the Heat Beads is what my tucker needs, to perfect my BBQ skill."

So says Kellie from Victoria, Down Under. As I pointed out earlier, Aussies may claim to own all beach sports but they're clearly not a nation of poets.

Still, when the logistics division (Sea Nymph) of my HMC (Home Management Centre) had me preparing this upcoming Bank Holiday weekend for maximum beach time like Operation Overlord, these Heat Beads were high on the shopping list along with beer, Guinness and alcohol.

Truly they are the best BBQ briquette going, this side of the Pecos. Available on line at Tesco's here in the UK, they cost a bit more than your usual, crumbly old briquette but, trust me, as you can read here, the extra quid or so is worth it. And, as befits a Beach Bum, I do love quality BBQ's.
Now, there's a time and place for the £1.95 disposable BBQ, and on that perfect beach, I'd be cooking freshly caught mackerel over hot stones and making my own marinades. But with Nippers biting at your toes, you need convenience and surefire results. That's why I recommend the Smokey Joe Silver. Nuff said, see you on the beach!
PS - if you're reading this Kellie, a picture of you getting excited at the grill will be much appreciated by some of our readers.


Spike said...

Hey Beach Bum! Do you have one of those plastic pinnies with an Aussie Lifeguard bod on the front to wear when you are striking the man-pose of BBQ glory....spatula in one hand and tinny in the other?

nmm said...

mmmm.....grilled meat. Thoughts of a BBQ making me hungry. Thanks for the link...I've added you as well. BBC link is a psuedo email acquaintance ...through a mutual surf friend. No personal ties to the area. It is lovely though....would like to visit/surf it one day.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo Bum

Beach Bum said...

Muchas gracias Paula - hasta la victoria siempre!

Spike - I'll pay good money for one of those pinnies - I can wear it with my thong - just the way Sea Nymph likes me ;)

Spike said...

Tee hee hee!

nursemyra said...

Funny.... I've never seen one of those pinnies Spike describes.

We wear Kath'n'Kim pinnies at chez Gimcrack