Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Skimpy Bikinis Don't Mean It Ain't Sport

Last week there was a photography theme - this time it's bottoms and as this shapely little photomontage shows, I'm clearly not the only Bum on the beach. As much as I love the ocean, there's always enough entertainment on-shore to keep me from getting bored between waves.
Now, unfortunately, the closest I've come to Beach Volleyball is an Xbox game but I reckon if there was more of this in Cornwall, I could develop a greater enthusiasm for spectator sports.

When Beach Volleyball was finally welcomed into the bosom of the Olympic family back in 1996, there was an outcry from "conservative groups" (think Deliverance extras with suits). Shameless hussies with more butt than bikini - an outrage. Bah humbug! Considering the Greeks that invented the bally old games liked their sports starkers, there's surely there's an argument that "au naturelle" should be "de rigueur".

To find out more about the sport you could check out the dreadfully tedious looking Beach Volleyball site for the sport in the UK. Or you could enjoy the infinitely better photo gallery here. By the way, blokes play Beach Volleyball - did I forget to mention that? And, no, I don't want to see the photographs.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Bum you're hopeless. But I still love you.

Anonymous said...

And I was only talking to Andy (new Filling Station Cafe owner) about Beach Volleyball yesterday and how Perran could do with a club...You must be psychic

Spike said...

Did I spell Psychic right? I always get it mixed up with Physics.
Not sure if we have the right kind of bottoms here!