Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Surfboats & Speedos Up Your Bum

What is art? Haven't figured that one out yet but gaze long enough at a masterpiece like Katsushika Hokusai's Great Wave and if you find your mind tumbling round and washing up on different shores, then you may be onto something...

Cut to Perranporth beach one summer evening not so long ago. Fred is an Aussie. Aussie blokes have the modesty gene removed at birth. It is bottled and then shipped back to England in bulk for English babies where it is in great demand. This is one reason why Fred can stand on a beach in Cornwall, and watch his (mainly English / Cornish) club mates in a surfboat, arms crossed, and tell Beach Bum that "we (meaning Australians) own the sport".
But I have news for Fred, I reckon it ain't the Australians that "own" it - it's the Japanese. They've been at it for yonks. Take a closer look at the picture (technically a woodblock print). That's not a tsunami as often claimed but an okinami - translation - a big MF of a wave. These guys are out there racing. Need more evidence?

OK, the sweep's got a different take on things but he's a man on a mission. I rest my case. And the fact that Sea Nymph keeps wanting to watch that clip from Pete with the blokes and their Speedos hoisted up their bums. Well, I was struggling to come up with an explanation. A bit like the hats I suppose. There is a reason and if you click on the clip below you, like me, will attain enlightenment. Grasshopper out. Time for a Jamesons. This Lent is at an end. Subliminal or what?


Paula the Surf Mom said...

I have prints of both these works, Hokusai just enthralls me.

Espiga said...

Aussies eh! They are all the same, think they own all sport outright...well you have to admit they do win a lot.
Can't wait for the UKSRL races to start this year. Awesome thrills