Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Trip Back In Time With The Crystal Voyager

Warning! This may require very long hair, a kaftan and something hallucinogenic but if you want to tune in to the "spiritual side of surfing" you may find yourself ordering the Crystal Voyagerlike this Beach Bum did. These aren't my claims but those of the producer-director. Mind you, these days, there's folks out there likely to claim there's a "spiritual side" to arse scratching.

The movie hangs around the activities of one George Greenough. "George is a living legend and unique icon in the surf world best known for his innovative surf photography, surfboard design and ingeniously conceived and constructed devices including everything from wind generators to hand-made air mattresses and blue water fishing boats".

He must like his Pink Floyd 'cause the DVD features their Echoes track from the seriously spacey Meddlealbum. Gotta be worth a look, right? (Mar 21st update: the original clip from the DVD I'd posted here was whipped off You Tube - so here's the main man chatting about a tube he caught making the movie.)

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Cool, lets head to J-Bay, I know a guy there that always has good dope.