Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gorillas, Moonbags, Hangair & Hot Jugz

There is a connection here but if you spotted it straight off, I suggest you get out more. I’m talking about wetsuits - transportation and care of. The old steamer is undoubtedly one of man’s finest inventions allowing wave riders maximum ocean time without cold water induced testicle retraction. However, you gotta lug the neoprene around, squeeze yourself into it, peel yourself out of it and take at least a modicum of “aftercare” advice, which in my case means sticking a hose down the arms and legs after a session.

I use a West Surfing rucksack that I got for next to nothing in the sales that has a detachable wet bag and lots of little clip points and pockets for bottle openers and other essentials.

But when beach time means family time – that’s five wetsuits and I have to upscale to the mighty Gorilla Tub. This is a tough but flexible tub almost big enough to have a bath in. Marketed to builder’s merchants as something handy to mix cement in, I picked mine up in a garden centre. Toss in all the suits after a day at the beach and then rinse en-masse. Double as a temporary aquarium for all those crabs and critters the Nippers pick up on the beach.

The Frostfire Moonbag is another way to go – “a multi functional bag designed for easy changing in and out of your wetsuit. When opened, the bag becomes a mat and is laid down on the ground while you change. Once changed; you leave your wetsuit on the mat and pull the drawstring to create the bag.” Wow – just like magic, eh?

And only ‘cause I love the name, how about getting your Hot Jugz out – the portable shower of course - when you need some pampering.

Finally, take a coat hanger, bolt on a hair dryer and you have the Hangair – a device that “reduces drying time by 70%” and eliminates wetsuit “funk”. I’ll be sticking with the washing line. I like a bit of funk.


Paula the Surf Mom said...

I made a hot jug out of an insecticide sprayer for about 12 dollars... works pretty good too.

K said...

no need for moonbag, you can also change in the gorilla tub :)