Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Surfdome - Heaven or Hell?

“This is heaven, this is hell, who cares, who can tell?” Christy Moore may have been singing about Lisdoonvarna but these words kept recycling round in the black hole that is my head as I caught up on news about the new “Surfdome” that’s being built way up in London town.

“Imagine a place where you could surf quality waves anytime of the day, 365 days a year. The waves of your choice with rides over 200ft long and up to 8ft high – left breaking, right breaking, barrelling or peeling – all available at the push of a button.”

That seductive first sentence would have any wave rider sit up & take notice but the promise of surfing nirvana is quickly followed by the offer of “...a place where the water is warm, lifestyle is relaxed and the shopping, restaurants and bars will supply non-stop entertainment alongside unbelievable surf sessions…”

Somebody’s reflection that hell is just ceaseless pleasure endlessly “enjoyed” has some resonance here, me thinks. That heady mix of chlorinated water, thumping overdubbed muzack, retail outlets at every turn and having to pay £20 - £30 for the “experience” is not for this Beach Bum – but each to their own.
The Kiwi company, ASR Ltd (the very necessary abbreviation for Amalgamates, Solutions & Research) in cahoots with Surfdome are leading proponents of artificial surfing reefs. Now that’s another story! There’s an eloquent discussion of the pros and cons of artificial reefs here. Disneyland by the sea, here we come! Anyone for the last few choc ices, now?


rob70 said...

These things keep popping up all over the place! Nice blog btw!

JP said...

I gots nothing against the ocean.