Monday, February 12, 2007

Suits On - Surfing Not For Beach Bums

Sitting here nibbling on my chicken drumstick I was getting vaguely discomfited by the fact that most of the other blogs I read are regularly updated, almost religiously so. But the feeling passed - just after the celery stick got chewed. I must get back to that To Do list ...

... after the Sunday papers and an article by some author called Henry Shukman headlining the "Escape" section of the Observer with an article on "The Birth Of Surf". In it he talks about San Clemente, California and the old time surfing scene. He contrasts that with the $6 billion surf industry in the US, high schools with surf teams practicing at 7 in the morning and the efforts made to make the scene "respectable".

And then - get ready with your sick bucket - this article where " Todd Juneau, a real estate consultant in San Diego and a longtime surfer, trolls for business in local lineups. “I’ll sit in the water and listen to conversations, and if someone says something about real estate, I’ll find a way to interject,” he said. “And it pays off."

Clearly, Todd the troll needs a tracker fitted that alerts the nearest Great White onto his tedious ass. That will see to his "interjections".

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