Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's about as useful as knickers on a kipper!

For once, the mirthful moniker isn't mine but one from a big moneyed suit called Theo Paphitis (not a communicable disease). He's a bloke on the Dragon's Den - a TV show where punters line up, pitch their next great thing and look for investment from a bunch of millionaires. Something like that.

Anyway, this Cornish bloke called Olly Daglish goes on with his "Ollypop" a surf training towel (I know, that needs explaining) and gets the verbal equivalent of a keelhauling under a well barnacled galleon. "It's about as useful as as knickers on a kipper" he's told.

Well you can judge for yourself by checking out the Ollypop - " the trusty beach towel that doubles up as a surf aid to help you perfect those pesky pop-ups! Regular practice on the Ollypop will enable beginner, improver, intermediate and even advanced surfers to develop one fast, smooth pop... an absolute must when you're on the crest of a breaking wave and it has to be done in a split second."

Irrespective of the merits, this may be a cult classic in the making. Olly has some new products in the pipeline (no pun intended) - I, for one, can't wait.

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Ooookay... well good luck with that Olly.