Saturday, January 27, 2007

Plastic Planet

It couldn't happen here, here could it? That's the waters off Manila Bay and this is life for one poor geezer. Make you wonder if the earth's core isn't churning out plastic instead of all the lava that we're told is broiling there. But never underestimate the ability of our species to well and truly feck things up.

Beach Bum dropped Nippers 1 & 2 off at footie practice and took a much needed stroll along Perranporth strand today. The wind dropped, and the weather turned positively balmy after the recent cold snap. Messy surf and more dogs on the beach than humans. Clubhouse all closed up. Thinking of that cappuccino at the Filling Station.

There used to be a time when you could stroll along a beach, watch your feet flip sand from heel to toe and see more shells, seaweed and mermaid's purses than polymer. No more, I fear.

I don't think there was one square foot of beach that wasn't plasticised. Wish the money that was invested in setting up organisations like this was diverted here.

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