Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Indoboard, Balance 360 and all that jazz

As I mentioned earlier, Beach Bum finally succumbed to the hype and bought himself an Indoboard. Early days yet, but it rocks, literally. I can feel my thews strengthen by the day and soon I'll be able to kick down doors and bench press twice my own body weight while whistling Dixie.

This wobbling on a board business seems to be catching on. I've already spotted several other similar products out there. The Balance 360 Board, for example, has its own variants slickly monikered as the "Fatty" and "Skinny" Boards. There's sophisticated marketing for you, eh? I can't comment on the Balance 360 as all I've got is their website to go on, but "garage" and "knocked up" springs to mind.

Mind you, for all those DIY enthusiasts out there, when you run out of stamps to stick in your albums, you might try to make your own like this girl did. I wonder can she come round and do some shelves for me?

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