Saturday, December 02, 2006

Into Indoboards?

Like the Chinese water torture, the slow, slow drip of the same sales pitch repeating itself can weaken the will of the strongest. At least that's my excuse. I need one to justify the fact that I'm seriously considering getting one of these Indoboards.

I think it was a mailshot from SAS that caught my eye a while back. They were offering one of these balance training boards as a raffle prize. Hmmm I thought. Bit of a gimmick. Then a randon comment on Life's A Beach takes me over to the Outer Banks and Surf Mom's blog where she gives the Indo a thumbs up. Well maybe, I'll check out their website. Perhaps I was too hasty. 

And then it was trudge, trudge round Truro today with Nippers and Sea Nymph - mostly spending money on other people's Christmas presents. (And they left the anchovies off of my siciliana pizza.)  Then I spot this this blue Indoboard winking at me from a shopfront display. "You want me, you want me" came the sirens call. "Work out on me twice a day and you will balance like a Jedi Master!" I give in. If it's all a load of cobblers, please tell me before I ask Santa for one this Christmas.

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

Oh a blog plug for little ole me... I do love my Indo and now that I have the twins its hard for me to get out in the water as much(read impossible) I find it keeps my board balance from completly going to poop.