Thursday, November 23, 2006

Surfing Industry - An Oxymoron?

Are you local? (If you clicked on that link you might never have gotten back to this point - but just in case...)

Yes, today it's stuff on Beach Bum's own stretch of coast that's exercising me. This is the day I buy the West Briton. I flick to the sports section and note that the editor of Wavelength magazine, Tim Nunn, is penning a new surfing column called TubeTales. Lots of shaggy bleached blonde hair and competition results. There's prize winners for every feckin company, age, aerial manoeuvre and nationality imaginable. Feckity, feck - I'm missing out, me thinks.

Tim points out in his column that Cornwall's "surfing industry" is worth around 21 million pounds to the county. He then also mentions that 99% of the surfing community never enter a surfing competition in their surfing life."Surfing Industry" - an oxymoron? Discuss.

(Glad to see that seagull proof bins and seaweed recycling are some of the ideas being bandied around by Perranzabuloe beach committee in an attempt to improve the state of Perranporth beach. How about recycling seagulls, would that work?)


Paula the Surf Mom said...

Cool Blog... you just made my favs list

Paula the Surf Mom said...

I guess Masefield was a surfer too.

Beach Bum said...

Yeah, reckon so and he must have had a bad case of Sea Fever too ... well spotted Surf Mom - if I was in the position to hand out prizes you'd get one ... instead I'll raise a pint or two of Guinness to your erudition this weekend. You're a poet, I know it, hope ya don't blow it! Who said that?