Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aloha Trash Vortex!

© Greenpeace / Alex Hofford

As pilgrims travel to their shrines, so the wave rider dreams of making their own personal Hajj to experience the Hawaiian surf. When my regular mail shot from Greenpeace Ocean Defenders popped up this morning with the header "Greenpeace arrives in Hawaii and exposes World's Largest Garbage Dump", I clicked on the link immediately. Depressing, eh?

The article bangs home the message with the grisly picture below that shows the contents of an albatross chick's stomach. I think back to that bit of beach cleaning that the SAS organised at the tail end of summer. The cynics will equate these stunts with micturation in a Force 10 but the state of the planet leaves the individual with two options - to be overwhelmed into apathy or energized into action. I choose action - even if this starts with binning some bozo's beer can on the beach.

Final rant for today: given the convergence of Greenpeace and SAS on many issues, I do wish their respective websites would make some effort to link up.

© Greenpeace    /    David Liittschwager & Susan Middleton

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is anyone going to do about it now? There are simply too many human beings on this planet that are too distracted with their selfish lives to pay attention to the health of this planet, and what it means to our posterity. The bottom line is this planet is a pretty special place where everything is just right for advanced life. Think about what that means on an astrological perspective- the earth's composition, its rotational speed, its distance from the sun, the presence of the moon, etc. Yet we continue to just trash it out of greed, indolence, and negligence. There are many issues we need to address, but as for the plastic garbage issue, which is huge (do you have any idea how much plastic is buried in the ground in landfills? millions of mega-tons), there must be a better way to dispose of these non-biodegradable materials. And no matter what the cost, big governments and corporations must step up to the plate here. We owe it to mother earth at this point. Spread the concern.