Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fistral Surf Company

If you're into retail therapy then the surf stores in Newquay will provide you with a plethora of shopping opportunities by way of a cure. There's a glut of shops down here that will cater for all your surfing needs - whether you realise you have them or not. Whatever your view on the rampant commercialization of the sport, there comes a time when a purchase is required. In my case, this usually means cossies & kit for the Nippers or relatives on tour.

First stop for me is usually the boys at FSC. Over the years, I reckon I've bought more gear from these guys than any other local company. My rationale is simple - the guys know their stuff, are willing to negotiate over price if you end up spending a reasonable amount and look like they are actually making an effort to keep the customer satisfied.

Nipper No.1 recently got his first board from FSC and the dudes involved made the little grom feel special, which rates highly with Beach Bum given the usual scowls of some sour faced shop keepers when a kid appears.

By the way, the board in question is a Salomon Noseless Gambler - "An offshoot of the Salomon S-Core board is the noseless board, designed by surfer Nick Wallace and inspired by skateboards. The Noseless Judge, Dog town and Noseless Gambler are responsive boards with good buoyancy making them suitable for younger /shorter surfers. Designed with kids and tricks in mind, all of the Noseless collection pushes surfing to a new generation."

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