Sunday, September 10, 2006

Are You Tough Enough?

That's what the poster asked hanging over the finish line at the end of the Perranporth Surf Challenge Triathlon that was run today. The event is reckoned to be one of the most challenging in the UK and anything that involves an 800m swim in the sea, a 35km cycle and a 7.5km jaunt over beach and dunes, qualifies for "tough" in my blog.

I was just checking the race results tonight and several of the squad from Perranporth SLSC chalked up some tremendous results. I won't mention names, but let's just say that MT, or "The Dude" , as he's affectionately referred to in our house by Nipper 1, carried off the silverware with what looks like a stomping performance.

But for Beach Bum and crew, the main event was prefaced by the Biathlon the day before. This was a fun event organised to give the Nippers and Juniors a taster of what their seniors subject themselves to. It consisted of a swim or wade and then a run along the beach combined with a stretch of sprinting through the town to finish on the green. It coincided with the highest tide at Perranporth for 20 years but fortunatley (or not!), the sea was pancake flat. Late summer sun and a beach less crowded than for many weeks set off the scene perfectly.

For newbies like us, there was much debating about such crucial stuff as whether or not Nipper 1 should wear goggles, full suit or just his rashie. Would a full suit slow him down? Would the basins of water provided be needed in the transition area or would the sand brush off his feet running back from the sea and thus faciltate a quick turn around in getting on the trainers for the sprint? It was getting serious - well, sort of. The kids just had a laugh, but they went for it, big time.

And as they crossed the line, puffed, wet, speckled with sand I, for one, thought, "Yep, they're tough enough".

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Anonymous said...

That poor child in the yellow shirt!
Didnt he do well dear love him