Friday, August 11, 2006

Perfect Pizzas At Poldhu

I love beaches, I love summer and I love Cornwall. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that everyone else “up country” does too. So the population of Cornwall at this time of year swells significantly. This is good for the tourist industry, on which the county has perhaps a rather unhealthy dependency, but bad for us Beach Bums that like less crowded beaches and less cluttered breaks.

Fortunately, we have the Lizard, where the chances are, you can still find coves not crowded out entirely by sun scorched lobsters and their ilk. And so it was, late last Tuesday afternoon we found ourselves heading round to Poldhu Cove to work off some seriously tasty luncheon downed earlier at the New Yard restaurant at Trelowarren Estate.

There followed the usual bucket & spade thing with the kids. Sea Nymph almost got a hair braid but it was late in the day and the girl was packing up. Our Nipper got some sandpapering on the face as he managed to get dumped off his bodyboard right up the shingle shore. Beach Bum caught some late afternoon sun in the beach chair and all was well with the world. The munchies set in.

Fortunately, Poldhu has its own most excellent beach café. Don’t expect the Fistral Blu experience here- this is the beach equivalent of a roadside diner but none the less impressive for it. In fact, I fear such establishments will eventually get a makeover and end up looking like most every other “commercial” beach front eatery. But listen, the thing is, the place does tastedelicious pizzas. Italian bases, toppings sorted on site and within minutes, you’re sitting back smiling. Don’t know what’s in the mushrooms though. That night Beach Bum and Sea Nymph both had some seriously psychedelic dreams…

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