Monday, August 28, 2006

Pass The Pasty

Beach Bum had a serious run in recently with the bacterial twins, Sam and Ella, that made for a whole lot less beach and a lot more bum. I just started eating again after 4 days on a liquid diet so it's appropriate that this new post focuses on something more solid.

Yes, I'm talking about the magnificent Cornish pasty that you might have expected to have made an earlier appearance on this blog. For surely, what better way to revitalise the energy levels after a day's surf stuff? This is food perfectly designed for eating on the hoof, food that you want to stuff your face with," get down yerself", when the mega-munchies set in.

There are all manner of different fillings these days. I am, however, a trad steak pasty guy myself so I'm not tempted by the exotic variations now on offer. My idea of "different" for a pasty is chucking on a bit of HP sauce. Anyone spotted some really whacko pasty fillings out there? Do tell.

Anyway, for those of you in exile, in need of a pasty fix or just plain curious to sample this unique wedge of life you can order some of Cornwall's finest from the dudes at

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Minx said...

Gettin' down with a bad attack of the the muncheros with a 'brocoli and stilton' is not my idea of happy fun! The Proper Pasty Shop seem to think that this is somewhere in their top ten - not down 'ere my 'ansome!!