Thursday, August 17, 2006

Man Down

Microsoft have made available this blog writer that - supposedly - allows you to post to your blog and do all manner of cool stuff. Well, if this scribble turns up where it's supposed to then it will certainly smooth out the fiddly bits of blogging.

Apologies for the total lack of beachy, wavey, surfy stuff here .. I know, it depresses me too. Beach Bum has been laid up with a gammy knee and has thus had more time to fiddle with his PC.

One plus was the realisation that a blog equivalent of a scribble pad would be handy, if only to spare us all this sort of post. MSN My Spaces here I come ...


Senor Cheeseburger said...

life is a son of a beach

Beach Bum said...

Yes, how true Senor Cheeseburger ...and then you die just for good measure. Liked your posts btw. You're obviously very disturbed - so that's OK then. Never heard of Lindsay Lohan that I can remember .. she sounds a bit like our Kate Moss .. got any Silver Surfer cartoons you could email me?

Cheers mate,
Beach Bum