Monday, August 21, 2006

Mad Marlin & Sashimi

I listed "The Old Man & The Sea" as a favourite read some time ago under Beach Bum recommends. There's the style and pared down craftsmanship that Hemingway brings to his writing. Yip, plenty of top drawer literary stuff that those more qualified to criticise can edumacate us all about. Personally, shallow Beach Bum that I am, I have to say that Santiago's culinary techniques with fish is what really sticks in my mind. The old fisherman ends up eating a lot of raw fish. He wishes he had brought some limes aboard his skiff and that he'd had the foresight to evaporate some seawater down to salt - all for extra piquancy. I love my sashimi too and could really identify with his thinking there.

And then, of course, there's the humongous marlin that he struggles with throughout he story. So when I spotted a newspaper clip entitled "The fisherman, the marlin and a narrow escape", I had to read on.


woo woo said...

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