Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Endless Bummer?

I was flicking through "Surf Movies Tonite!" - a book of surf movie poster art - and like a kipper that repeats , the Endless Summer artwork is given a couple of pages. The way this movie still gets mentioned from time to time, you would be forgiven for thinking that it's something worth watching.

Quick synopsis - two Californian surfers take boards and travel the world checking out some superb - and at the time unspoilt - surf spots circa 1965. The dudes involved, perhaps unfairly, look like everyone's stereotype of a WASP. Seeing them boarding planes wearing blazers with long boards under their arms is sort of compelling in a weird, disturbing, Austin Powers kind of way.

As a period piece, it has its merits I suppose. I tried going with it but was really turned off by the lines like, "Being good Africans, they threw rocks" and the generally condescending (I'm being polite) comments about the "Natives". Wonder where these guys are doing today? Hopefully not working on foreign policy for Washington.

Riding Giants instead then, OK?

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