Monday, July 17, 2006

Organic Farm Shops Cornwall

I wanted to mention Lobbs, the organic farm shop that provided our chicken and sausages for the BBQ during our camping trip recently. Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty. Set right beside the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan (or, as we call it ever since my Dad spoonerised them - The Last Gardens of Halogen) there's a veritable cornucopia for foodies to delight in.

Cornwall and good food go hand in hand these days. I was listening on the radio today about just how good the grass is here - which makes some great milk and thus, some world class cheeses. Farm shops are springing up all over the place - some organic, some not. Now many people have easy access to food of a quality and flavour that makes you want to stand outside of Morrisons and Tescos like a prophet warning of impending doom to all who enter these temples of pre-cooked, preposterously packaged and pulped produce. There is a better way! (Try the organic farm shop in Goonhavern, close to Newquay, if you're in the area).

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