Saturday, July 01, 2006

Loads Of Fish Food

I was pleased to say that two of my lads passed their swimming test at Newquay's Waterworld today. The team they have there that run the swimming lessons are so professional. They are dedicated and really encourage the kids. It was like a sauna in there today, and I had to resist jumping in myself.

I was sitting beside this woman whose husband is a fisherman. We got talking about seafood and where to eat out and Jamie Oliver's new restaurant "15 Cornwall" at Watergate Bay. Her Mum had been and said it was good but the portions were too small. My sea-nymph came back tonight from a girl's night out in Truro and had heard the same thing from one of her mateys. Won't put me off checking it out myself - when we can find a babysitter.

The fisherman husband of this lady had worked out of Padstow for a while so there was plenty of gossip about Rick Stein which I won't repeat here. She's landed though - I mean, she gets all the finest, freshest trawl she needs. And lobster .. well, to her it's like such a commodity. She tells me her husband has lobster sandwiches every day - now that's what I call a sarnie!

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