Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

Yes, the sun has been burning down relentlessly through cloudless skies the last few days. The tarmac is lifting from the lanes and the local ice cream factories are on triple time. The weather bulletins on the Beeb show maps covered with sun logos - so much so that every time one comes on I shout out "scorchio" - its the Fast Show sketch morphing into real life here in Blighty. Each report is prefaced with a stern warning about what to do in such "excessive" heat and a reference to go to the NHS direct web-site for advice so you don't die from it all. "Stay cool", "Keep Out Of The Heat" and "Drink Regularly". Anyone thick enough to have to have that spelt out to them won't have much chance of getting to a web-site and are probably already splayed out on their lawns, all lobster red and hallucinating. I wonder if sea-nymph. who actually works for the NHS should call the help line and ask for advice on what to when your stuck in a clinic from 8.30am to 7.30pm where the office temperature is such that, if we lived in Germany, they'd all down tools and be "obliged" to go home for "health & safety" reasons.

Anyway, as this is turning into a rant, much better to head back to the beach and one such fine example recently sampled at Trebah. Picture says it all ...

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