Monday, June 26, 2006

Nippers Fun Day Event - Schpeil 3

In between events and our picnic (thanks sea-nymph, appreciated the Cornish Fairings) I checked out the local surf shops. I'm going to get into reviewing some of these shops here in more detail because my own experience of the shopping extravaganza that has erupted around "surfdom" - I mean in terms of service, value and attitude - has been both very, very good and very, very bad.

So, when it comes to surf shops that want to rip off or treat the customers on whom they depend like so much dross,I'll be very happy to "name and shame".

I'm happy to say that my limited experience with TJ's surf shop at Polzeath today was A1.

I was thinking to myself that having blogged on about Weever fish, I should probably practice what I preached & invest in a pair of booties myself. I do have an old pair of gaudy looking Tiki boots but my feet have broadened over the years into two sasquatch like pads and they squeeze too tightly for comfort.

Anyway, helpful & cheerful dudes working there and also 10% discount for members of a Surf Lifesaving Club. I liked it when I asked for discount they were "OK, no probs", as opposed to looking like someone had shat in their handbags

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