Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nippers Fun Day Event - Schpeil 2

I reckon there were well over 150 kids on the beach today and the organisation was first class. The Nippers ran "flags" - a kind of knockout event where they start from a prone position on the beach, then spring up and sprint along the sand to collect "flags" (usually some kind of plastic piping) stuck in the sand. The catch is that there are 10 kids and only 9 "flags", and each cycle, a kid gets eliminated and there's one less flag.

Then they get into the surf and run relays with their "Nipper Boards" and paddle in. From such stuff are future lifeguards made.

The thing that struck me that was that for a "fun" event, most of the kids were so competitive. I found this rather encouraging. For a while, the mantra "it's the taking part that counts" has been rather over-used in schools when it comes to sporting prowess to the extent that a kid could be expected to feel guilty for winning.

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